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Mailprotector Exchange+ 2016 Lite

Microsoft Outlook Email Setup

This guide is assuming that you already have an Outlook profile and are simply adding this account to that profile

  1. Click on the File link within Outlook, then click on Add Account
  2. From the box that appears choose the option near the bottom Manual setup or additional server types then click Next
  3. You will then see a list of option, please choose POP or IMAP then click Next
  4. Enter Your Name and your Email Address
  5. Under account, type choose IMAP from the dropdown list (it will default to POP3)
  6. Under the Incoming mail server enter:
  7. Under the Outgoing mail server enter:
  8. Under the section login information please enter your full email address as the Username and the password for this account in the password section
  9. Now click on the button to the right called More Settings
  10. You will see a tab at the top called Outgoing Server click that and check the box My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
  11. Now click on the tab at the top called Advanced
  12. Under incoming server, you will see a drop down to the right Use the following type of encrypted connection choose SSL
  13. Under Outgoing server, you will see a drop down to the right Use the following type of encrypted connection‘ choose TLS
  14. Under the Outgoing server (SMTP): change the port to 587

  15. Now click the OK button
  16. Then the Next button
  17. Outlook will now try to connect to the server, if you have entered your details correctly you will see a green tick next to the incoming and outgoing server
  18. Click the Close button and then finally the Finish Button
  19. That’s it, all done!


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