Exchange 2016+ Lite Email Setup – Apple MacMail

  1. Click on the ‘Mail‘ link (top left)
  2. Then ‘Accounts
  3. Click ‘Add Account
  4. To the right of the screen click ‘Add Other Account
  5. Then Click on ‘Mail Account
  6. Enter your ‘Name’ ‘Email Address’ ‘Password’ then click ‘Sign In
  7. In the ‘User Name’ enter your full email address (the password should already be filled in)
  8. Make sure it is set to ‘IMAP‘ (this is the default setting)
  9. Under ‘Incoming Mail Server’ enter:
  10. Under ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ enter:
  11. Then click ‘Sign In
  12. It will now ‘Verify’ you account, if your settings have been entered correctly you will see a series of ‘ticks’ and then a screen with ‘Mail ‘ and ‘Notes’
  13. Click ‘Done
  14. That’s it – all done!

Last Update: May 30, 2018  

May 30, 2018   203   Freelance Computers    Mailprotector Exchange+ 2016 Lite, Support - AppleMac